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Hand in hand with your clients to get Medicare right the first time

See how SSDI attorneys increase revenue and add value to their practice

How It Works

Don’t leave your clients to figure out Medicare on their own. Add value to your services and  give your customers a better experience.

1. Awarded

Your SSDI client is still relying on you for Medicare planning.

2. Introduce Us

Your clients will be in good hands every step of the way.

3. Start Earning

Generate income for every qualified client you refer to us.

1. Most SSDI Clients Naturally Rely on Their attorney for Medicare Planning Assistance

When awarded, most SSDI clients become entitled to Medicare, and naturally rely on their SSDI attorney for their options and next steps. A trusting relationship has been cultivated with your clients and they still need your help.
Don’t leave them to figure out Medicare alone.

2. Our Top Priority is Helping Your Clients Make the Best Health Plan Decisions

Your clients are counting on your direction once they have become eligible for Medicare. Our team of experts will take the mystery out of Medicare. We will provide the best health plan options and customer experience.
Make our partnership a natural extension of your services.

3. Earn Additional Revenue for Each Client You Refer, Even if They Don't Enroll

Increase your firm’s revenue by over 35% when referring clients to your trusted Medicare partner.  Earn long term residual income for the life of your clients Medicare health plan.
Generate income paid years after your work is completed.

Partner With The Best Team

MedicareMall is our client facing website and exclusive provider for health care planning and customer support. They are an industry leading company that specializes in premium support to give your clients the best experience.

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MedicarePartners has developed a proprietary platform specifically for our attorney partners to facilitate the process of monitoring your business. Use our partner portal to enter new clients or run reports on all historical inputs. We are dedicated to creating the best experience for our partners.

Founder & Licensed Agent Since 1989

"Our Mission is to help people with Medicare find the best plans that fits their needs and budget. MedicarePartners connects us to those people in need of assistance."

Cal was born and raised in Texas and started his Medicare Health Care career in 1989. Cal has three wonderful children with their mother who was also his high school sweetheart. He enjoys getting involved in local activities with family and volunteering his time coaching baseball.


Continue The Journey With Your Clients and Increase Your Income

Our services are provided at no cost to the attorneys and claimants reps we partner with. Our partners enjoy a unique compensation model. Participation offers guaranteed income rather than results based projections. With over 25 years of experience in the Medicare field, we are skilled professionals who are efficient at guiding each of your clients through the Medicare maze.